About Us

Carl Bromley: Reluctant ring leader in early 2024, passionate instigator, ideation-ist and practical problem-solver.  Community volunteer, too.  Seeking the right replacement CEO to give our entire team a better future.

Richard Hines: Excellent freelance graphic designer, new dad, more to follow…  project manager?

Gloria Jane Bromley: Fantastic wife, excellent cook, God-send Bible student and prayer warrior. Jane is the primary caregiver for our two fur babies and her 92-yr old mother who lives with us.  Jane B. is also an Independent Color and Skin Care Consultant with Mary Kay.

Moxie Karasek:  Our #1 Local4All salesperson and sales trainer, Moxie has signed up three partner restaurants with branded placemats and has sold ads to fill up all three.

Jane Simms:  New to our team as of February 2024, Jane S. is enthusiastic about learning our business and is likely to get our placemats into restaurants near hometown Mt Pleasant, PA.

One of our many ideas for helping where we can, in this case one affirmation on top and two more affirmations underneath.

NEW HABIT affirmation

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

Psalms 46:1

Some of Jane’s “Faves”, mine too!

Our family cat, the princess.

Princess Ginger

Ginger was an outside kitten when we first met her in 2017, not long after Jane and I were married. Two young men were shoveling snow off our sidewalk and I mentioned that Jane and Ginger seemed to really like each other. The younger one said “Oh, she can have her.”

Ginger’s owner came down the street a bit later.  I told her about her cousins giving her cat away. Chelsea said “Jane can have her. I have six more!”

Our family dog Bailey, she is a sweetie!


A senior rescue dog, Bailey joined our family in 2022. We were blessed to find this “lucky duck” dog two days before Valentine’s Day!

Photo of mom relaxing with our dog Bailey

Margaret “Maggie or Peg” Moore

Mom moved in with us a few months after we bought our house which already had an access ramp, step-in bathtub, and an extra bedroom just for her. She never had a cat before but loves Ginger. Both critters are friendly towards her which is a big plus!