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This niche is perhaps the best secret  NOT shared with SMB owners.


In less than two minutes, help your prospects make a meaningful change in their online image!  Or, give them ENOUGH information they will call YOU when they are ready!


Your cost to scale = ZERO!  The cost to get you started, minimal!  If we work as a team, it’s win-win!

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100’s of Small Problem Solutions Dating Back to 1967!

Since his sophomore year of high school, Bromley has been helping others by accepting leadership roles or being a “worker bee” as needed.  In 1967, Carl wrote the Bylaws for two new clubs, the Chess Club and Bible Club.  Since then, there have been enough success stories to fill a book and never enough time to write it.

The source, do you know?

God first

Family second

Job third!

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Lucky duck… Me? You?

We're not sure yet who the lucky ducks are but we hope to help you get where you want to be... faster, easier, stress-free if that's meant to be. We sincerely hope to make a difference one family at a time. Do you have an idea for a new...

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Carl B.

Storyteller extraordinaire and that’s enough for now.  Count your blessings!

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