1. Apparel:  T-shirts (Click here or on Shop above)
  2. Stop Smoking device (decorative + functional)
  3. Carl’s Idea Hatchery (on FB)
  4. Carl’s Logo Lab (Carl and Richard)
  5. Carl’s Business Incubator (Registered as “Carl’s Idea Hatchery, Logo Lab, and Business Incubator) – sole proprietorship.
  6. Business Services:  Graphic Design
  7. Expanding Carl’s existing business Local4All Advertising (since 2007)
  8. LinkedIn Image Consulting (DIY enhancements, B2B, B2C)
  9. Artwork, framed and unframed.
  10. “More Blessed Than Lucky” coffee mug.
  11. A children’s book.
  12. Coloring pages.
  13. Finger puppets are great family fun, inexpensive handouts at vendor shows, etc.
  14. Carl’s Parent Quiz
  15. MANY more to follow!


Our Collection of Ideas
(with goals of win-win)

100+ ideas plus more every day.
Unique design says "A child's laughter is proof that God exists."
Affirmations to help you or a friend quit smoking