Helping Others

This page is to handle questions about helping others through Carl Bromley’s Idea Hatchery.and more than a dozen ideas for income opportunities through innovation and teamwork.  One popular question is “Where do I fit in?”  It’s going to be fun finding out!

Idea Ownership:  The Idea Hatchery is as much about developing other peoples’ ideas as Carl’s.  Whoever brings a new idea to the table is automatically the owner of that idea.  Ownership can be shared IF a team is formed to develop and market the idea.

Team Leaders:  You don’t have to be a leader on a team but you might already have leadership skills you can use AND teach others.  If you want to develop leadership skills within a team or project, we can help.

Team Members:  Not everyone wants to be a leader but, with only a few exceptions, we expect that anyone with the right attitude and opportunity CAN contribute to the success of a project.

Projects:  Not every idea will become a project but ideas will be checked for their potential in the marketplace by Carl or another team leader with related experience.  An example of an idea unlikely to move forward into development is that there is no significant difference between it and a similar product already on the market.

Helping others:  Through teamwork, research, consultations, and learning from each other, projects will move forward and create opportunities for economic growth.

Scope of opportunities:  We currently see an open highway in front of us, no worries!